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Create a coffee-house experience with our Small-Batch Crafted Coffees and Point of Sale


On-campus dining halls, coffee shops, book stores, staff and faculty lounges – we have just the right coffee solutions & kiosk designs to make any campus location a coffee destination.

Our Small-Batch Crafted Coffees are designed for the discriminating connoisseur.  The crafted coffee look delivers just the right look and feel, less commercial and laid-back.

Ask us about our national network of distribution partners who stock, clean, inspect, maintain, and repair equipment in all your locations.


Small Batch Crafted by Copper Moon Coffee for the Millennial Customer:

Copper Moon Coffees offers a full line of coffees perfect for the Millennial and the Sophisticated Faculty consumer.

Our 500 lb. small-batch roasts are fired in perforated drum roasters.  The result is a perfectly smooth coffee that’s noticeable and delicious.  Favorites include:

  • Dual Certified Rainforest Reserve and Eco Harvest Fair Trade Organic Coffees

  • Light Roasted - Aurora, Medium Roasted - Equinox, and Dark Roasted - Eclipse

  • 2.25 ounce – 3.00 ounce Varietal Blends including Sumatra, Kona and Colombian Coffees

We also offer a full line of:

  • Single Cup Coffees

  • Iced Teas

  • Bean2Cup offerings for a full Bean2Cup experience

  • Traditional Coffee