Copper Moon Coffee offers just the right brand choices for your distribution business. 


Tier 1 - Copper Moon Coffee

This is our flagship brand of coffees.  Get the all the throw weights you need at all quality levels.  Use our “We Proudly Serve” program and create a coffee-house destination.

  •   Breakfast Blend
  •   House Blend
  •   Colombian Blend & 100% Colombian
  •   Donut Shop Blend
  •   French Roast
  •   Jamaican Blue Mountain
  •   Costa Rican
  •   Sumatra Dark
  •   Kona Blend
  •   Flavored Coffees
  •   Organic and FTO
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Tier 2 - Artisan Small-Batch Crafted Coffees

  •   La Luz Light
  •   Medio Medium Regular and Decaf
  •   En Casa Dark

Tier 3 - Controlled Brands - Back of the House or Specialty

Palm Island - Available in fractional packs, urn packs, and whole bean. This is a strong foodservice brand. We also offer Palm Island Iced Tea.

  •   House Blend Regular and Decaf
  •   Colombian Blend
  •   Classic Blend

Manatee Gourmet Coffee - Available in fractional packs, 12 ounce and 2 pound sizes. This is a very popular brand.

  •   Caribbean Delight Regular and Decaf
  •   Island Dark Roast Regular and Decaf
  •   Sea Salt Caramel
  •   Chocolate Raspberry
  •   Cinnamon Sticky Bun
  •   Colombian Supremo
  •   Manatee Blend Regular and Decaf
  •   Espresso Blend
  •   Paradise Vanilla
  •   Hazelnut Cream Regular and Decaf
  •   Pumpkin Spice

Chef's Select - Available in fractional packs and 2 pound bags. This is a great "back of the house" coffee.

  •   100% Colombian Euro Roast
  •   Colombian Blend Regular and Decaf
  •   Kona Blend


There are 3 reasons Copper Moon Coffee continues to serve more and more office coffee and micro-market distributors every year:


1.       Coffees:  We have a huge offering of branded coffees.

 a.      Fractional Pack and Filter-Packs

 b.       Flavored Coffees

        c.       Single Cups

               d.       Bean to Cup Programs for any machine


2.       Sales Literature:  Everything is designed so your sales team can print our PDF’s and present our brand easily for a quick sale.


3.       Support:  You’ll get an order guide with your pricing, making it very easy to order from us.  We’ll support you with tracking, so you’ll know when your order will ship.  Our 99%+ ship rate means you’ll stay in stock.